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AUSCO AES has been busy creating change where change is desperately needed. Take a look at some of our recent projects and get as excited as we are about designing solutions for social impact around Australia.

General Projects

Design and , Manufacture  and  Installation
Control panel for control cement Mixer
Hunter   Stone Factory   New Castle    2014
Design and installation Light Holder and service Lights 
Blast Chamber  Machine
Favell  Favco Crane Factory 2014   
Design and installation Electrical and Hydraulic system 
For Press punch Aluminum 
Press Metal  Factory  2014
Design, Installation  power supply for Laser Engraving machine
Pelikan  Artline  2013     
Design and install VST  Motor Control for Vertical Borer
Disk Edge Factory 2014                                                                            

Food and Beverage

Design and  installation main switch and power 
cable for  Factory Bakery Oven  
French Kitchen 2014 
Design and install Limit Switches for Ravioli Machine    
Quality Patisserie  Foods Factory 2014
Favell  Favco Crane Factory 2014   
Design and install Spring Return blade for 
Dough Cutting Machine 
Quality Patisserie Foods Factory 2014
Over hall Big Dough Mixer Electro mechanical                
French Kitchen Factory  2014 
Design and Install food proses convers     
Ogalo Factory 2012